Virginia Chen

Data scientist, statistician, and data visualization specialist.

Currently working at the PROOF Centre of Excellence as a Senior Data Scientist, and at Pawsperity Biotechnologies as their Lead Data Scientist.

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I am passionate about making sense of complex systems, from biology to psychology to the cosmos.

I use my background in statistics, data science, and computer science to turn data into insights and knowledge. I care a lot about rigorous analysis and clear communication, which ultimately serve as the basis for understanding and meaningful action.

Aside from these, I also enjoy computer games, reading, thoughtful discussions, international travel, and experimenting with ways to live life better.


Data Science

Exploratory analysis, traditional statistics, machine learning, and predictive analytics

Data Visualization

Effective static or interactive designs to communicate your message


Concepts in data science, machine learning, and visualization; hands-on skills in R


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