Actually actionable advice on communicating your career impact 👇

One thing that drives me crazy is advice that only really works for people who don’t need it.

Two years ago, I’d see advice like “talk about your business impact” and think, “okay, great, but how??” Not all of us have the luxury of doing work that easily translates into $ made, time saved, etc. without making things up.

If you’re going through a similar struggle today, here’s a few reflection questions that will help you understand your impact:
• What problem were you trying to solve, or what were you trying to accomplish?
• If you hadn’t been there, what would’ve happened?
• What only got done (or was done better) because you were there?
• What was the end result you were able to produce for people who cared about the project?

Hopefully, you’ll start to see that your impact in both the big and little things.
✔ Things that got done because you were there to do them
✔ Better decisions because you were there to provide perspective
✔ Relationships built because you took the time and effort
✔ Opportunities created because you had an idea or made it happen
✔ Lessons you learned that improved processes and future decisions

If this is your first time contemplating these things, expect it to take a while. It always takes time and practice to see in a different way. Eventually, it’ll become hard not to see it!