If you have cool ideas but don’t know how to code, you need to read this.

GPT-4 is “zero to one” for you.

Based on Peter Thiel’s book with the same name, “zero to one” is the idea of going from nothing to something. It's not an improvement, it's a leap from non-existence to existence.

Sure, there’s tons of tasks that are now easier or faster with AI. But AI just reduces the effort needed to do those things (at the cost of quality), without unlocking any “new” abilities. Except for you.

Programming for non-coders has just gone from nothing to something.

While “no-code” platforms have existed for a while, they’re limited in scope and flexibility. They still leave you with futile thoughts like, “I wish someone would create a phone app that does what I want”.

But with GPT-4, anyone can sit down one afternoon and

• Create a computer game: https://twitter.com/emollick/status/1636830053211291649

• Write a browser extension: https://twitter.com/Pinsky/status/1636759316782010369

• Start an online business: https://github.com/jtmuller5/The-HustleGPT-Challenge

It walks you through everything from installing pre-requisite software, to writing version 1, to fixing bugs and making improvements.

The result won’t be at the cutting edge of aesthetics or complexity, but most things don’t need to be. We’re in an age of personalization—why not personalized software, too?

The world has quite literally changed overnight.

Not knowing how to code is no longer a barrier to turning your ideas into (digital) reality. 💡