Played around with Stable Diffusion 2.0 this weekend.

Tried to make something half as cool as some of what I’ve seen. 😎

Conclusion: I am not a prompt engineer and will not have a job once AI takes over. 🤣

I wanted it to draw me a photorealistic home office setup, floating on a cloud in the sky. Down below would be a colorful botanical garden, and up above would be a rainbow and birds. I can picture it in my mind.

Below is the absolute best I was able to do after 30 min, as well as an absolute fail (there were many).

❌ I absolutely could not get a desk ON a cloud.
❌ Most of the images were cartoon-y.
❌ Some had random text, like “Miami” in a funky font.

I’m reasonably happy with the overall feel of the best image I got. The rainbow and plants are lovely. But I have no idea what objects are on the desk. Hot water bottles and remotes?

Some things I’m going to try over the next little while:
• Letting it start from a (bad) sketch of what I'd like
• Experimenting with negative prompts

We’ve seen a lot of amazing AI creations already. But I think these are the “highlight reel”, and generating reasonable-looking examples of something it hasn’t seen before requires no small amount of tweaking, patience, and luck.