The whole specialist vs generalist debate has always bothered me.

I’m a generalist not because I’ve logically deduced it’s the better path, but because it suits my personality.

I sort of suspect that there are two kinds of people:

1️⃣ People who like to focus on one thing

2️⃣ People who like to two or more things

Whatever success we achieve, we can naturally attribute that success to our style.

For 1️⃣, dogged pursuit will result in advances coming from deep subject matter expertise.

For 2️⃣, diverse experiences will result in advances coming from synergy and cross-pollination.

And it’s everyone’s lucky day 🍀, because there’s at least a few books and success stories we can reference for some delicious confirmation bias that our way is best. (I've definitely done this.)

TL;DR Whatever your style is, it’s great!