Two key insights that convinced me to establish an online presence even though I hate self-promotion 👇

In 2021,
• I had no website
• I rarely logged into LinkedIn
• The only activity I did on social media was scrolling

Things clicked for me when I read Austin Kleon’s “Show Your Work!”. It’s a short read, maybe 3-4 hours.

Here’s my even shorter 30-second summary.

Insight #1: Not self-promoting is shooting your potential in the foot

🎁 We all have something to offer, and wish for opportunities.
🗺 Opportunities can’t come to us if they aren’t aware we exist.
🗯 We could self-promote, but that feels icky to a lot of us.
🛑 So we never put ourselves out there. The end.

Insight #2: The internet provides an alternative to self-promotion

A lot of us cringe at the idea of actively promoting ourselves or our work. But in the age of the internet, there’s another solution.

Aside from being decently good, we just need to make ourselves FINDABLE. 👀

Being findable means
1️⃣ Making it easy for others discover us, and
2️⃣ Making it easy for them to reach out to us when they do

You can read the book for details on where and how and what. And there's endless other resources on building an online presence.

This is the why.